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Documentary Australia Foundation, Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation and Dusseldorp Forum have announced a new professional development program for teachers at Victorian schools in areas that face disadvantage.

We're looking for schools in areas of Victoria that face disadvantage, who want to train their staff in incorporating film and filmmaking in the classroom. 

The one-day professional development course will be delivered in selected schools by documentary filmmakers and impact producers from Documentary Australia Foundation and will instruct educators how to teach documentary filmmaking in the classroom using mobile devices.

“One of the most powerful ways to engage and inspire young people is through technology and film”.

“Media, storytelling and social communication tools form the fabric of young people's lives and social environments. Young people engage with and share their world through media, and with teachers increasingly challenged to keep ‘digital native’ students engaged, there has never been such a need for integrating technology into all teaching practice as there is now” says Goldman.

Documentary film and filmmaking are interdisciplinary tools that can be utilised by Primary and Secondary School teachers in all subject areas to improve literacy, ICT capability, critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical understanding and intercultural understanding (Australian Curriculum General Capabilities). They also provide a creative alternative that is more inclusive for students with English as a second language or who might have lower literacy skills.

For all students, documentary making is a process that allows for student-driven, deep and personalised learning.

“Schools who are interested in supporting their students to make short documentary films about health and wellbeing, STEM, languages and cultures, identity, a subject or learning area, are encouraged to apply” says DAF’s Impact & Education Director, Katie Barry.

The program has been funded by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and Dusseldorp Forum and supports schools with an ICSEA value below 1000 (including many special schools with a zero ICSEA). ICSEA stands for Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage – check values at www.myschool.edu.au.

For term 4 sessions - enquire by 29 September.
For 2018 sessions - enquiries accepted until 19 November.  


Watch the video to see what it's all about: 


"It would be good if teachers could use documentary more often to explain learning because some people are more of a visual learner than they are learning off a worksheet."   - Student, Dapto High School 

"The filmmaking skills that these teachers have acquired will allow us to document our different approaches to pedagogy"  - Ray Trotter, Principal Wooranna Park Primary School  


Are you eligible?
  1. Does your school have an ICSEA value of 1000 or below? Look it up here: www.myschool.edu.au 
  2. Do you want to make documentary films with your students about one of the following?
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • STEM
    • Languages & Cultures
    • Identity
    • An aspect of school or community life
    • A subject or learning area
    • Student-driven topics
  3. Do you have the time? The session will take a full day, or two if you would prefer an extension.  
If you answered YES to all of these questions Click Here To Apply

For more information contact Documentary Australia Foundation on 02 9397 1473 or education@documentaryaustralia.com.au



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