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Documentaries create positive social change on the issues that matter.


Documentary makers are storytellers, and storytelling inspires change.

Unlike shorter forms such as news and social media, long form documentary takes the time to build empathy more deeply, involving audiences directly and immersing them fully in the situation of others, prompting them to engage and act.

"Stories can conquer fear you know. They can make the heart larger" - Ben Okri, Artist

To create social impact is to empower audiences to think, feel or act differently about an issue.
Through documentary we can create social impact.

Documentary film creates social impact by:
changing minds
changing behaviours
building communities
changing structures

Social impact is important because it can:
unlock philanthropic support
create pathways to new audiences
create pathways to change

We have identified six priority areas that align with the Australian philanthropic community.

We are working to deepen our engagement with a range of partners around these impact areas and support films that can help drive social change on these issues.


If you are passionate about change in these areas and want to get involved, please get in touch.





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