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Does DAF give money to my project directly?

No. DAF does not have a pool of cash to commission or directly fund projects. Read more about what DAF does here, and the advantages of fundraising through the DAF model.


Does DAF help me find funds or grants?

DAF does not actively search for grants for each individual film. Filmmakers do their own research, make their own contacts and raise their own finance. However, DAF can help filmmakers with applying for a grant (please contact us at least three weeks before the deadline). Furthermore, there are plenty of resources on the DAF website that can help filmmakers to find funds for their projects (for example here and here).


What is DGR status and why does it matter?

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status is an endorsement by the Australian Taxation Office. An organisation with DGR status can offer tax-deductions on donations. DAF has DGR-status, which means that you (as a DAF-approved filmmaker) can also offer tax-deductible donations to your donors. Let them know about this; it is a valuable benefit of donating through DAF.


How do I get approved on the DAF site?

Before any given film can receive funding through DAF, it must go through our application and approval process. The DAF Board meets to approve applications four times per year. Click here to find out the next cut-off date for applications, and to apply.  


How does DAF choose which projects get approved?

DAF has to assess whether your film is a bona fide documentary, and whether the project is likely to be considered suitable for philanthropic support. The key questions that you need to answer is: 'Why is the film suitable for philanthropic support?'; and 'What outcomes do you hope to achieve?'. To help you develop your answers to these questions, please see our resources about impact here.


Can anyone donate to my film through DAF?

Not everyone. A person may not donate to DAF (and receive the tax-deduction) if they stand to financial gain from your project. This includes family members, or yourself (as the filmmaker). For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.


Can I give a gift to my donors in exchange for donating?

Unfortunately this is not permitted. Because all donations are tax-deductiblle, no goods or services can be given in exchange for the donation. At DAF, the tax-deductibility is the 'perk' that your donors receive, and your donor cannot "buy" a t-shirt or a DVD as a perk/incentive. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions. 


What do I tell people who are interested in donating to my project?

The easiest way to donate is through the DAF website. You can either click the red 'donate' button above, or you can go to the film you are interested in and click 'donate' through there. The online donation requires a credit card (DAF accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express). DAF also accepts donations via cheque or bank transfer. If your donor prefers to donate this way, please contact us for a donation form and instructions.


Where/when do I input my bank details?

When you receive your first donation through DAF, an email will be sent to you asking for your bank details. If you would like to input your bank details earlier, please contact us.


How quickly will the money from donations get sent to me?

DAF processes and sends out donations on a weekly basis. This means that you, as the filmmaker, get access to donation money days after it was given, rather than at the end of the campaign. Furthermore, your funds are not withheld from you if you do not reach your target (as with other online fundraising models such as Kickstarter). 


Does DAF take a fee?

Apart from the application fee, DAF takes a 5% retention fee for all donations. This is to cover administrative costs. Furthermore if DAF sources a donor, manages the reporting process and relationship, or is hands-on involved in an EP, the retention fee is 15% (or an agreed fee).


Why should I go to a DAF workshop?

DAF hosts day-long workshops several times a year, which are run by experienced filmmakers. Attending a workshop is an invaluable way to learn how to seek funding, how to run impact campaigns, how to communicate with donors, and much more. The workshops are also an excellent chance to meet and chat with other filmmakers who are trying  to change the world through documentary film - it's an inspirational day! Learn more and secure your place at the next workshop here.


Can DAF provide me with a list of people who have donated to my film?

Yes, just log in to your account and click the 'Export Donors' button. However, names of donors that have chosen not to share their details during the donation process will not be visible on the export.


I'm having log-in issues. How do I reset my password?

Please email or call DAF and we can assist you.




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